7 Times Nancy Agag Made Us Love Her Even More

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Nancy Ajaj is a Sudanese singer who is admired across Sudan, and it’s not only for her beautiful voice that has captivated Sudanese.

At a time when the Sudanese media was trying to paint the protesters as thugs and mercenaries, Nancy Ajaj was one of the few voices that supported the peaceful protests. 

She used her voice to sing for the revolution and spread a message of hope. Even prior to the revolution Nancy would never sing in support of the ruling party as many Sudanese singers did. 

This post is about just a handful of times that made us love her even more! 

  1. 1 When she wore the blue toub in solidarity with #BlueForSudan

    That being said, it is important to note that thousands of Sudanaese women and men- not just Nancy- wore blue to help raise awareness for Sudan, and they have all been the greatest support to the SudanUprising. 

    Make sure you see the beautiful pictures of Sudanese women and men going #BlueForSudan across the world here.

  2. 2 When she sings for freedom at the heart of the sit in protest 🙂

  3. 3 When she released this song in solidarity with the ongoing killing of protesters

    كلمات : فيصل عبد الحليم 

    آلحان و آداء : نانسي عجاج 

    تآليف و توزيع موسيقي : السماني هجو 

    © القناة الرسمية للفنانة نانسي عجاج ©

    يا ليتَهم ...
    وبنفسِ قوةِ بطشِهِم
    بالأبرياء ...
    بطشوا بمن سرق الرغيفَ
    من الجياع
    أو ليتَهم ...
    وبنفسِ نهمتِهِم
    على سفكِ الدماء
    إسترجعوا شبراً
    من الوطنِ المضاع
    لكنهم ولبؤسِهم
    هم نفسُهم
    من أورد الناسَ
    المهالكَ والمذلةَ
    بِالخداع ...

    من أين جاءَ هولاء ؟
    (خذني حبيساً كن رئيساً)
    جرِّعِ الناسَ الشقاء !!
    من أين جاءَ هؤلاء ؟
    (خذني حبيساً كن رئيساً)
    ولترَق منهم دماءّ !!
    من أين جاءَ هولاء ؟
    ولأي دينٍ يتبعون ؟
    لايُشبِهونَ الناسَ 
    في بلدي بتاتاً
    لا هم لأرضِنا ينتمون !!
    من أين جاؤوا يحكمون ؟

    لكنَهم ...
    لا يعلمون بأننا
    أبناءُ تاسيتي العظيمةِ
    والمقرة ...
    أحيتِ النيرانُ
    من سنارَ فينا
    صِلاتاً بالتآلفِ مستمرة
    عظماء ...
    من طينِ المكارمِ
    قد خُلقنا ..
    وكستنا الشمس سمرة
    طيبون قلوبُنا بالحب تهدي
    الأرض ورداً وسلاماً

  4. 4 When she first appeared on Blue Nile Tv in a hat and totally rocked it !

    When she first appeared on tv, Nancy appeared wearing a hat - breaking the stereotypical image of women in Sudan- and she totally rocked it.

  5. 5 When she was singing with Joss Stone and enunciating (a7abak) in Arabic

  6. 6 When she joined the strike!

  7. 7 Every single time she sings Andria 🙂

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