The Silver Lining: 6 Inspiring News Items From Sudan – February 2020

Bad news travels faster than good news. We have an inherent ability to seek melancholy and sad events. However, there is always good news to be shared- here it is:

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  1. 1 Sudanese British Journalist Nima Elbagir won The Royal Television Society's Television Journalist of the Year

  2. 2 The German President's Visit to Sudan was a success by all means.

    This is the first visit from a European head of state in a very long time. The ceremony was amazing, the podium was well prepared, everything was well planned and the professionalism of the Transitional government's PR staff was on full display. 

    Long gone are the days when one would watch Bashir meet some high profile person, and we -Sudanese people- suffer a million mini- heart attacks as he dances and fumbles throwing away every shred of dignity that we have as a people. 

    Perhaps that's why a popular phrase among the Sudanese people nowadays is "Thank you Hamdouk." Hamdouk's government is finally showing the world what Sudan is capable of and that Sudan is a sovereign county that is on par with the developed world. 

  3. 3 Alaa Salah and the Forces of Freedom and Change are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

    The Nobel Peace Prize 2020: PRIO Director's Shortlist this year included Alaa Salah, who's iconic picture taken by Lana Hago travelled the world and told the story of the great Sudanese Revolution. 

    The FFC is being nominated for its incessant work to defeat Bashir's brutal regime. The work of the coalition to bring peace and democracy to Sudan cannot be overlooked, despite the many criticisms it faces. The FFC has been faulted for its lack of representation of women and for shortcomings in the negotiation of a deal with the army as well as the lack of progress in the complex peace process. 

    According to the Nobel prize committee, "A Nobel Peace Prize for the peace process in Sudan could go to Salah and FFC, or be split between several individuals and civil society actors including FFC, MANSAM and the Sudanese Professionals Organization (SPA)" 

    Read more here. 

  4. 4 Rifqa gets a model displaying her courage

    Rifqa is one of the iconic women in the Sudanese revolution. During the protests, Rifqa (wearing a face covering) displayed amazing courage- she is known for picking up tear gas canisters (that were about to explode) and throwing them right back at Bashir's armed forces. This month an artist - Mohamed Haroon gifted her a model in recognition of her bravery. 

  5. 5 The EU is supporting Sudan through monetary funds as well as open participation in many fields

    As the US continues to escalate its isolation of Sudan and continues to push for more sanctions, the EU is supporting Sudan and its government. The good news here is not the funds, it is the open participation in shared interests - that support Sudan's growth and bolsters its position internationally. 

    Recently, the EU granted Sudan a license to register exports under a Duty-free- tariff-free arrangement. This license is granted to many developing countries- but Sudan was excluded under Bashir's government. 

  6. 6 This picture from the Sudanese Revolution was nominated for World Press Photo of the year

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